Jailbreak iPhone 3 | 4

iPhone Jailbreak warning

Please note that jailbreaking your iPhone may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution.

Limera1n can jailbreak iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and the new iPod Touch 4G.

Here are some important points to note before you proceed.

This guide is only for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users. iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G users can use this step by step guide to jailbreak their iPhone using limera1n. iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users can use Redsn0w to jailbreak their iPod Touch.

Limera1n supports iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 4.0.2 and iOS 4.1.

Limera1n is currently available for Windows, Geohot plans to release the Mac and Linux versions of limera1n soon.

Please do NOT upgrade to iOS 4.1 if you want to unlock your iPhone. You should wait for iPhone Dev Team to release PwnageTool.

Unlock iPhone 3 | 3G | 3GS | 4 | 4G

How to Unlock iPhone 3|3g|3gs|4|4g

Most phones have a four-digit pin or code that one inserts to access the device. Staying for long without using a locked phone may necessitate unlocking if one forgets the password.

Another type of unlocking is the removal of restrictions on any device to allow the use of the phone on any carrier. In this article, we will show you how to unlock a network restricted iPhone 3, 3g, or 4g.

All recently purchased iPhones are unlocked. However, for the purposes of earlier phones let us look at the different ways of unlocking an iPhone.

Unlocking can be done by performing a factory reset, contacting your carrier, or by using third party services. In this article, we will show you the different ways through which you can unlock your locked iPhone.

Contacting Your Carrier

Contact your carrier and check if they offer unlocking services. It is important to note that only your carrier can offer the unlocking services in some countries. Therefore, you cannot contact a different carrier and expect the same services.

After contacting your carrier, one is supposed to fill an unlock request form. There are specific requirements that one is supposed to meet in order to get the service.

The following is some of the information that most of the carriers will need from you:

  • IMEI number: It is your phone’s identifying tag that can be accessed by clicking on “settings app” then “general” then “about” sections of the phone.
  • Your account information: you will need to write down your name, social security number, and your phone number.
  • Other details: such as when did you buy your iPhone and other information on your current plan.

For instance, in USA AT&T company offers to unlock services even if one is not their wireless customer. You only need to make sure that your account has been active for the last sixty days. Moreover, the device should not have unpaid balance nor should it be reported as stolen or lost.

In the UK, companies such as Vodafone require that one should have an account with them. Next, one is supposed to fill the Vodafone unlocking phone and submit. Besides, their services are free.

Most unlocking services take up to 48 hours before the completion of the process. While at it, remember to ask your carrier if your phone is compatible with your new service providers.

Unlock Using a Third Party Service

There are numerous third parties online and offline who can successfully unlock an iPhone. Make sure that your phone supports your desired carrier network. Some phones can only use CDMA and they do not support GSM networks.

For instance, a Verizon iPhone cannot work on an AT&T network. Verizon is CDMA while AT&T supports GSM network. Check the compatibility of your phone with any network by calling your carrier.

Steps to follow before settling on a third party:

Perform thorough research several service providers before settling on a company. You can find useful information about the third parties by checking their user reviews. Settle for one that has the most and the best product reviews. Read and follow forums that focus on unlocking phones or tech forums. Doing the above will protect you from frauds especially if it is a paid service.

Make sure that you protect your personal information. Do not download the unlocking software into your phone. Besides, protect yourself by reading all the nitty-gritty information on print to check if there are hidden charges.

IMEI Unlocking of iPhone 3/3g/3gs/4g

It is the best and safest method of unlocking your phone. In addition, it is legal, fast, easy to use, and offers immediate results. Your iPhone’s IMEI will be entered into Apple’s database of unlocked devices. Every phone has a unique IMEI.

Several providers can permanently unlock your iPhone 3g/4g at a fee. The service provider will need your phone’s IMEI to unlock your phone permanently. You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# and by checking through the settings app.

Next, you will pay for the service, and it is best to pay through PayPal. You will receive a code from your service provider. To finish unlocking, backup your data, erase your phone and restore data from the backup. Activate the code and enjoy your unrestricted phone.

Software Unlocking

If you chose to unlock your iPhone using software, make sure that you research on the best software in the market. Although it was one of the most used methods of unlocking in previous years, it is not the best option. It can be risky to use software to unlock your iPhone depending on the provider.

This method does not work for iPhone 4 and above. Although it works on iPhone 3 and other previous versions, we do not recommend this method.

Is it Safe to Unlock An iPhone?

It depends on the unlocking method that you apply. Using software unlocking it is very risky. Imei unlocking of your phone is the best and safest method. If you are in doubt, it best that you read on the experience of other people who have had their iPhone 3g or 4g unlocked. Moreover, it is hard to break your phone if you follow all the unlocking guidelines.

To be safe, make sure that after unlocking your phone do not click on any updates without getting the green light from your third party.

You may be asking yourself about the legality of unlocking your phone. Well, if your phone is fully paid for, then it is legal. If it is partially paid, it means that you do not have full rights to the phone. Therefore, contact your carrier before attempting to unlock your iPhone.

Final thoughts

Contacting your carrier, using software unlocks, and IMEI unlocking are ways of unlocking your phone 3/3g/4g. However, we recommend contacting your carrier method  and IMEI unlocking.

Removing the carrier restrictions gives you the option of enjoying the services of different service providers. Always remember that genuine service providers will not unlock any device reported as missing or stolen.

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Google Pixel 2 XL TWRP – What Is and How Is Done

If you want a great camera and good software, go with pixel 2 xl. But what if you have problems with your phone?

For that you have Team Win Recovery Project. Also short “TWRP”, is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android phones. It provides an interface via touchscreen that allows users to install third-party firmware and back up the current system.

What is Custom Recovery?

As you might know all smartphones with Android OS are coming with a pre-installed recovery tool called Stock Recovery. Because this tool has its limitations, Android OS developers made place for a custom recovery tools. Here comes TWRP which offers some more advanced features that are most needed. If you want to recover, backup, restore then Pixel 2 XL TWRP will do the job.

Unlock pixel 2 2 xl bootloader install twrp recovery

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Welcome to the Gutenberg Editor

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the arrows to reposition blocks quickly, without fearing about losing things in the process of copying and pasting.

What you are reading now is a text block the most basic block of all. The text block has its own controls to be moved freely around the post…

… like this one, which is right aligned.

Headings are separate blocks as well, which helps with the outline and organization of your content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Handling images and media with the utmost care is a primary focus of the new editor. Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding captions or going full-width with your pictures much easier and robust than before.

Beautiful landscape
If your theme supports it, you’ll see the “wide” button on the image toolbar. Give it a try.

Try selecting and removing or editing the caption, now you don’t have to be careful about selecting the image or other text by mistake and ruining the presentation.

The Inserter Tool

Imagine everything that WordPress can do is available to you quickly and in the same place on the interface. No need to figure out HTML tags, classes, or remember complicated shortcode syntax. That’s the spirit behind the inserter—the (+) button you’ll see around the editor—which allows you to browse all available content blocks and add them into your post. Plugins and themes are able to register their own, opening up all sort of possibilities for rich editing and publishing.

Go give it a try, you may discover things WordPress can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find there:

  • Text & Headings
  • Images & Videos
  • Galleries
  • Embeds, like YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts.
  • Layout blocks, like Buttons, Hero Images, Separators, etc.
  • And Lists like this one of course 🙂

Visual Editing

A huge benefit of blocks is that you can edit them in place and manipulate your content directly. Instead of having fields for editing things like the source of a quote, or the text of a button, you can directly change the content. Try editing the following quote:

The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.

Matt Mullenweg, 2017

The information corresponding to the source of the quote is a separate text field, similar to captions under images, so the structure of the quote is protected even if you select, modify, or remove the source. It’s always easy to add it back.

Blocks can be anything you need. For instance, you may want to add a subdued quote as part of the composition of your text, or you may prefer to display a giant stylized one. All of these options are available in the inserter.

You can change the amount of columns in your galleries by dragging a slider in the block inspector in the sidebar.

Media Rich

If you combine the new wide and full-wide alignments with galleries, you can create a very media rich layout, very quickly:

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.

The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with floats. You can also easily convert the gallery back to individual images again, by using the block switcher.

Any block can opt into these alignments. The embed block has them also, and is responsive out of the box:

You can build any block you like, static or dynamic, decorative or plain. Here’s a pullquote block:

Code is Poetry

The WordPress community

If you want to learn more about how to build additional blocks, or if you are interested in helping with the project, head over to the GitHub repository.

Thanks for testing Gutenberg!


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Earnings report 2016

Company Est. Date Period Ending Est./Actual EPS
Advanced Oxygen Technologies Inc
2/6/2017 Q2/2017 –/-0.002
Alacer Gold Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.000/–
Alico Inc
2/6/2017 Q1/2017 –/–
Alliance One International Inc
2/6/2017 Q3/2017 –/–
Allison Transmission Holdings Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.261/–
American Capital Senior Floating Ltd
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.290/–
American Superconductor Corp
2/6/2017 Q3/2017 -0.322/-0.210
Brookdale Senior Living Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 -0.190/–
Capital Southwest Corp
2/6/2017 Q3/2017 –/–
Catalent Inc
2/6/2017 Q2/2017 0.262/–
Cavco Industries Inc
2/6/2017 Q3/2017 0.970/–
CBOE Holdings Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.594/–
Evans Bancorp Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.530/–
Fidelity & Guaranty Life
2/6/2017 Q1/2017 0.610/0.700
First Foundation Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.130/0.190
FMC Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.884/–
General Finance Corp
2/6/2017 Q2/2017 -0.040/-0.024
Isabella Bank Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 –/–
Jones Lang LaSalle Inc
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 3.978/–
Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
2/6/2017 Q2/2017 –/–
Kilroy Realty Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.863/–
Knowles Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.320/–
Loews Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.630/0.726
Luminex Corp
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 0.175/–
Macerich Co/The
2/6/2017 Q4/2016 1.160/–
Data copied for demo purposes from: