Unlock iPhone 3 | 3G | 3GS | 4 | 4G

Unlock iPhone 3 | 3G | 3GS | 4 | 4G

How to Unlock iPhone 3|3g|3gs|4|4g

Most phones have a four-digit pin or code that one inserts to access the device. Staying for long without using a locked phone may necessitate unlocking if one forgets the password.

Another type of unlocking is the removal of restrictions on any device to allow the use of the phone on any carrier. In this article, we will show you how to unlock a network restricted iPhone 3, 3g, or 4g.

All recently purchased iPhones are unlocked. However, for the purposes of earlier phones let us look at the different ways of unlocking an iPhone.

Unlocking can be done by performing a factory reset, contacting your carrier, or by using third party services. In this article, we will show you the different ways through which you can unlock your locked iPhone.

Contacting Your Carrier

Contact your carrier and check if they offer unlocking services. It is important to note that only your carrier can offer the unlocking services in some countries. Therefore, you cannot contact a different carrier and expect the same services.

After contacting your carrier, one is supposed to fill an unlock request form. There are specific requirements that one is supposed to meet in order to get the service.

The following is some of the information that most of the carriers will need from you:

  • IMEI number: It is your phone’s identifying tag that can be accessed by clicking on “settings app” then “general” then “about” sections of the phone.
  • Your account information: you will need to write down your name, social security number, and your phone number.
  • Other details: such as when did you buy your iPhone and other information on your current plan.

For instance, in USA AT&T company offers to unlock services even if one is not their wireless customer. You only need to make sure that your account has been active for the last sixty days. Moreover, the device should not have unpaid balance nor should it be reported as stolen or lost.

In the UK, companies such as Vodafone require that one should have an account with them. Next, one is supposed to fill the Vodafone unlocking phone and submit. Besides, their services are free.

Most unlocking services take up to 48 hours before the completion of the process. While at it, remember to ask your carrier if your phone is compatible with your new service providers.

Unlock Using a Third Party Service

There are numerous third parties online and offline who can successfully unlock an iPhone. Make sure that your phone supports your desired carrier network. Some phones can only use CDMA and they do not support GSM networks.

For instance, a Verizon iPhone cannot work on an AT&T network. Verizon is CDMA while AT&T supports GSM network. Check the compatibility of your phone with any network by calling your carrier.

Steps to follow before settling on a third party:

Perform thorough research several service providers before settling on a company. You can find useful information about the third parties by checking their user reviews. Settle for one that has the most and the best product reviews. Read and follow forums that focus on unlocking phones or tech forums. Doing the above will protect you from frauds especially if it is a paid service.

Make sure that you protect your personal information. Do not download the unlocking software into your phone. Besides, protect yourself by reading all the nitty-gritty information on print to check if there are hidden charges.

IMEI Unlocking of iPhone 3/3g/3gs/4g

It is the best and safest method of unlocking your phone. In addition, it is legal, fast, easy to use, and offers immediate results. Your iPhone’s IMEI will be entered into Apple’s database of unlocked devices. Every phone has a unique IMEI.

Several providers can permanently unlock your iPhone 3g/4g at a fee. The service provider will need your phone’s IMEI to unlock your phone permanently. You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# and by checking through the settings app.

Next, you will pay for the service, and it is best to pay through PayPal. You will receive a code from your service provider. To finish unlocking, backup your data, erase your phone and restore data from the backup. Activate the code and enjoy your unrestricted phone.

Software Unlocking

If you chose to unlock your iPhone using software, make sure that you research on the best software in the market. Although it was one of the most used methods of unlocking in previous years, it is not the best option. It can be risky to use software to unlock your iPhone depending on the provider.

This method does not work for iPhone 4 and above. Although it works on iPhone 3 and other previous versions, we do not recommend this method.

Is it Safe to Unlock An iPhone?

It depends on the unlocking method that you apply. Using software unlocking it is very risky. Imei unlocking of your phone is the best and safest method. If you are in doubt, it best that you read on the experience of other people who have had their iPhone 3g or 4g unlocked. Moreover, it is hard to break your phone if you follow all the unlocking guidelines.

To be safe, make sure that after unlocking your phone do not click on any updates without getting the green light from your third party.

You may be asking yourself about the legality of unlocking your phone. Well, if your phone is fully paid for, then it is legal. If it is partially paid, it means that you do not have full rights to the phone. Therefore, contact your carrier before attempting to unlock your iPhone.

Final thoughts

Contacting your carrier, using software unlocks, and IMEI unlocking are ways of unlocking your phone 3/3g/4g. However, we recommend contacting your carrier method  and IMEI unlocking.

Removing the carrier restrictions gives you the option of enjoying the services of different service providers. Always remember that genuine service providers will not unlock any device reported as missing or stolen.

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